It is against our rules for anyone to use or even bring homemade airsoft guns or equpiment to the games. However we have noticed there is a certain amount of sport one gets from creating things for airsoft that are not used against others but used to create an atmosphere in the game.

Again, no homemade guns, founder’s rules. But we allow launchers and other “flash bangs” for atmosphere. they can not be used in a game or on the field during, after or before.

So lets see what you have made and what we have made 🙂

Stripped down un finished version of big baby. It now is in camo and looks much better!

Part TWO:

(TBA avtual action shots)

Homemade smoke bombs:

Created by a co-founder Adam, these smoke bombs cover a wide area with a thick white smoke.

This video only shows how to light them. It was not a good example of the amount of smoke that is produced.

Part TWO:


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